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Online advertising in the medical field is challenging and requires a lot of experience. We offer you a solution.

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«Dr. Google» is advising more and more patients

Over 65% of all internet users already search online for solutions to their health problems today. They do not limit themselves to simple colds, but meticulously search for answers to the most diverse questions even before visiting the doctor. Sometimes the consultation is subsequently even skipped altogether. This offers opportunities, but also risks. Not only for those searching, but for you too. When the decision to buy is made, the product must be present. And for that it must be found immediately with Google.


Communication for health products has to be different

Health problems or even diseases can massively affect the quality of life. The causes are not always known, often wrong assumptions are made. In addition, there is the fear that is often caused by uncertainty about one’s own health. That’s why healthcare communication is usually tricky and can quickly become counterproductive, for example, if it’s done poorly.


Regulations and legal requirements make advertising campaigns more difficult

The legal requirements for advertising medical products are usually very strict. Added to this, there are restrictions on the advertising media themselves, such as Facebook and Google. These rules and laws are currently also being constantly adapted and amended.

We understand these challenges and create a solution for you that works:

Higher profile for you and greater demand for your product

Developing your online presence into an important sales channel

Measurable results from your online campaigns
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Who we are

Noemi Alvarez has been working in online marketing since 1999 and founded the Sigma agency in 2013. With her wealth of experience in online marketing, she has been developing successful campaigns for our clients ever since. She also passes on her knowledge as a lecturer at the FHNW.

Philip Nolze has been working in online marketing since 2000 and has held posts in this field at companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, eBay, Swisscom and AXA. Since 2017, he has been managing Sigma together with Noemi Alvarez, additionally working as a lecturer and co-authoring the book Digital Marketing for SMEs.

Dr. Hans-Joachim Kaup Kaup received his doctorate in medicine from the University of Bochum in 2005. He was able to broaden his expertise in internal medicine at the Charité in Berlin and at other hospitals, and also worked for manufacturers of medical devices (Biotronik).


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